Agile Release Planning Workshop

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3-5 days

In Scrum and most other agile methods there is a period, before the first iteration, during which we need to create a release plan of high-level requirements, estimates, and so forth. A target date and content goal are needed. In Scrum terms, we need to create the Release Backlog -- the subset of the Product Backlog describing the next release, in terms of items, effort estimates, value estimates, risk, and priority.

Learning how to do agile release planning requires coaching-while-doing; it can't be effectively learnt in a classroom setting. In this workshop, the coach will facilitate the activities of release planning for a real product, while educating.

Methods of Education

primarily workshop exercises & coaching; some discussion, presentation, Q&A


This can be be for 1 or 2 (maximum) product groups. Attendees should include a cross-functional representation from product management, developers, testers, marketing, sales, and other relevant stakeholders


This is an immersive workshop. No prior knowledge is required, but the experiences and knowledge will extend from introductory to intermediate or advanced.







Maximum Participants


Environment - Room, Tools, Texts

Read this: Course Environment - Workshop Style1

Text and Notes