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Applying UML and Patterns

WARNING: These resources are to support not-for-profit academic courses in colleges. They are not for commercial or industry courses. If you are creating a commercial course, please do not use these diagrams or resources.

PLEA: I collect and share exams and exercises created by other college educators. Please share your material with me, so that everyone can benefit.

I've set up a Wiki page where educators add links to their material related to this book, and their contact data. I also list the names and email addresses of some educators who have used the book. Please consider adding to it, to share your material with other instructors.

  • All diagrams, embedded in PPT files (one per chapter) in Visio and WMF format and sample PowerPoint lecture modules are at my FTP server:
    • FTP Server:
    • Username: guest7
    • Password: password7
    • folder: educators
  • Sample exams, etc. – Only qualified educators can receive these. Please email Craig

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Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager's Guide

...thinking about it...

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