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|  [[Agile Iteration Kickstart]]  || 5
|  [[Agile Iteration Kickstart]]  || 5
|  [[TDD Bootcamp]] || 5
|  [[TDD Bootcamp]] || 5, 10

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I'm just now moving to this new website. About 3/4 of the descriptions below are now copied in from my older PDFs -- and I'll copy in the remaining ASAP...

Agile Management Related

Name/Description Days
Agile, Lean, and Iterative Development: An Executive Brief 0.5
Agile, Lean, and Iterative Development: Management Overview 1
Certified ScrumMaster Course PLUS 3
Certified ScrumMaster Course 2
Agile and Iterative Management Practices Workshop: Concepts, Roles, Artifacts, Events, Estimation, Planning, Retrospectives, and Tracking 4
Agile and Iterative Management Practices: An Introduction 2
Agile Product Management and Product Owner Workshop 1
Lean Development and Management: Beyond Agile Methods 1
Scrum Retrospectives: Facilitating Improvement with System Dynamics Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and Skillful Workshop Exercises 1
Scaling Lean and Agile Development for Large, Multisite & Offshore Products with Large-Scale Scrum 2
Agile Estimation 1
Agile Estimation and Planning 2
Agile Product Management: An Overview 0.5

Whole-team Agile Workshop Related

Name/Description Days
Agile Iteration Kickstart 5
TDD Bootcamp 5, 10

Agile Requirements Related

Name/Description Days
Agile Requirements 3
Agile Requirements with User Stories 2
Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Requirements as Executable Tests 2

Agile Modeling, Design, Architecture and Test Related

Name/Description Days
Agile Software Development: Hands-on Practices, Principles, Agile Modeling, and TDD 5
Applying UML and Patterns: Hands-on Mastery of OOA/D, Agile Modeling, & Patterns -- & with TDD introduction 5
Agile Design and Modeling for Advanced Object Design with Patterns 4
Agile TDD and Refactoring 3
Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Requirements as Executable Tests 2
Agile Architecture: Process and Design Tips to Support Flexible Systems 1