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Book 2: Action Tools

Chapter Status lead author(s) version token (craig by default)
Introduction Proof1Ready craig

Action Tools

Large-Scale Scrum done craig & bas
Product Management pending craig
Planning Draft1InReview craig
Coordination pending bas & craig bas
Test Draft1InWriting bas bas
Requirements pending craig
Design FinishedProof1 craig
Legacy Code Proof1Ready bas bas
Continuous Integration FinishedProof1 bas
Inspect & Adapt pending craig
Multisite Proof1Ready craig
Offshore FinishedProof1 craig
Contracts Draft2InWriting craig & tom tom


Feature Teams Primer ReviewReady craig & bas
Requirement Areas Primer ReviewReady bas
Scrum Primer FinishedProof1 craig
Recommended Readings FinishedProof1 craig
Bibliography up-to-date bas

Book 1: Thinking and Organization Tools

Chapter Status
Introduction done craig

Thinking Tools

False Dichotomies done craig
Lean done craig
Queueing done craig
Be Agile done craig
Systems Thinking done craig

Organization Tools

Feature Teams done bas & craig.
Teams done bas.
Requirements Areas done bas.
Organization done bas.
Large-Scale Scrum done bas & craig.


Scrum Primer done craig
Recommended Readings done craig
Bibliography done bas & craig