Workshop Environment - SBE ATDD UTDD with mob-programming

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people around a projector and screen. 1 computer. mob programming on production code.

Preparation before the workshop

  • install and connect Fitnesse -- or another agreed ATDD tool -- to your system under development, so that we can call upon public APIs of your system, via a Fitnesse Fixture.
  • complete full "connect the dots" *before* the workshop, proving that Fitnesse is connected and can make calls


  • either 1 existing stable team, or a new mixed group of developers from diverse technologies of relevance


  • computer
  • projector
  • screen
  • chairs
  • table
  • black whiteboard markers
  • paper towel for erasing
  • vast clear wall areas covered in "wizard wall" (etc) sheets, for whiteboarding floor-to-ceiling
  • access to the production code